Maldives Package Hot Deal

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Marriage Night on Maldives

Today, everyone tries to celebrate day of the matrimony in an especial way so that the great day for ever was stamped in the heart. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel located on Maldives, offers new service: a newly-married couple can not only celebrate event under water, but also spend the first wedded night on depth of 5 metres.

The given wedding ceremony have menu: a celebratory supper, various spa-procedures, and, certainly, wedded night under water in hotel with glass walls. Here you can admire coral reeves of extraordinary beauty, and in the morning you will expect a breakfast with champagne. The given service already enjoys wide popularity among a newly-married couple.

The Country of Luxurious Entertainments

Monday, December 16, 2013

The sandy beaches lasting on many kilometres on coast of Adriatic sea, are combined with a unique mountain landscape which is the card of Montenegro — after all even at the country name there is a word "monte" (from Italian is mountain).

Montenegro, real estate
Luxury island

Montenegro is known not only as vacation spot and tourism but also as area where it's possible to restore health and to recover from many chronic diseases. The virgin nature, soft climate, pure air and water, plentiful vegetation — all it promotes improvement of the general state of health.

Luxury resort
It's possible to find rest in Montenegro for all tastes. Fans of extreme sports can drive on a snowboard during winter time or to cruise on yachts in the summer, to climb up tops of mountains or to sunbathe on a beach, in the evening to dance in luxury night clubs or to test fate in a casino.Montenegro receives the basic income from tourist business. Here in a considerable quantity the real estate is leased and on sale. Comfortable apartments in Montenegro bring in good incomes to the owners. It's connected, first of all, with the attractive prices which have increase prospect in the future, and also with good ecological conditions and the developed national economy.

The Legendary British Airport

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Heathrow airport is considered one of the most loaded and most comfortable airports in the World. Each terminal has currency exchange offices with accessible exchange rates, information racks and information bureaus for placing of visitors. There is also a section of storage of luggage. Heathrow airport has special licence «CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence» (№ла527), allowing to carry out flights and to train in flight business.

Heathrow, UK

In Heathrow there are 17 international hotels of different level of comfort and the price. To reach them from Heathrow it's possible by the bus «Heathrow Hotel Hoppa» from «National Express» company. Besides it there is a rent car service and a protected Heathrow parking. For safety responsibly aviation division of Capital Police though the national army, including special divisions, also is involved in the airport when it's necessary to strengthen protection degree.

Heathrow, airport
At Heathrow airport there are Anglican, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish priests. Heathrow airport has own mass-media consisting of six photographers and one television command, working for the most popular newspapers and telecasts worldwide.

Aviation division

At Heathrow, taxi are usually built in turn on the special airport parking, because to "carry" passengers is a truly competitive & profitable business. The fare is supervised by the taxi counter and highlighted on the display. Additional payment, for example, in the evening or during week-end, is here too specified. Tip, usually at a rate of 10%, is paid at your discretion.

For the Big Population — the Big Airport!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

And not because at the airport is a lot of people. On the contrary — air terminal half empty. But the grandiose sizes of the airport truly impress...
My business travel jet from London arrives full of passengers, but the crowd of newcomers remains imperceptible in these huge spaces, only small visibility of activity — the Beijing Capital International Airport is truly huge.

International Airport, Beijing

At the Beijing Capital International Airport rather mobile passport control. Thus number of working frontier guards depends on number of newcomers. Controllers work politely, without long and steadfast passport control. In some minutes the platform before passport control becomes empty and on the workplaces there are only 2-3 frontier guards. Thereupon it is rather convenient to use the flight status because you can be assured that your airplane will arrive without delays.

Further we need to take luggage. But, for luggage reception — is necessary going to other building. For this purpose we go down in "the local underground" and... — a compact train rush us through an airport building. We are again convinced that an airport building not simply big, — but is Very Big! At last we arrive in the necessary stop and go to receive luggage.

Airport in Beijing

The luggage comes in some minutes, melancholy and long expectation is not present. The following action stage — the Exit. On a way we meet customs officers with doggies of guarded breeds. Thanks to ingenious service of the WorldMate our excursion has taken place without delay and other troubles!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Armani hotel

ARMANI. Hotel in Dubai

The first Armani hotel has opened in the highest building of the world — Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The hotel of high level is issued in minimalist style, without impetuous luxury peculiar to the Near East. Hotel Armani is closed from casual visitors: to reserve apartments is possible only for exclusive clients and their friends.

Burj Khalifa hotel
Hotel Armani
Hotel in Burj Khalifa
Luxury restaurant

Also at hotel there is a luxury restaurants. The trained personnel is dressed in dress by Armani.
On a choice is available three restaurants: Armani/Amal (with an Indian cuisine), Armani/Hashi (with Japanese) and Armani/Peck (offering dishes of Italy).

French Riviera Day Trips

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Monaco, Europe

Monaco — the popular country for short trips: the annual traffic is exceeded 4,5 million persons/Year. 72% of the foreigners coming to Monaco — individual tourists.

Luxury Heart of Europe

Basically, the princedom of Monaco is visited by citizens of Italy, the Great Britain and France. Number of the American tourists does not exceed 5%. Within the limits of cruises, last year in Monaco has visited 280 thousand tourists, and in 2010 their number can increase to 450 thousand. 28% of visitors come to Monaco for participation in business and corporate actions. However, even large corporations prefer to use cheap flights because in Europe traditionally budgetary airlines give considerable discounts for corporate clients.

Luxury hotel

95% of hotel business in Monaco consist of 4- and 5-stars hotels. In many of them services of the cosmetician and thalassotherapy are rendered. The Head cook of restaurants of local hotels are known for the whole world. Besides it, to have a dinner at such restaurants, is need to reserve little places is recommended long before a trip. Besides, in a cellar is insisted own cognac, thus, only at restaurants of this hotel a cognac is truly unique.

Monaco night

The night life also involves tourists in Monaco. 75% of tourists prefer to reserve airline tickets through the Internet or terminal cash desks. To numerous high quality night clubs of a princedom of Monaco, Black Legend recently was added. Representatives of tourist business remind, for visiting the luxury night clubs in Monte Carlo — is required the identification card, and necessity in test of your dress-code — in funny T-shorts and beach shorts for you there are no chances ;)

Spanish Cubic Vanguard

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The unusual hotel is located in the centre of the Spanish village Sierra de Cantabria, thus the this hotellit literally adjoins Catholic church of 17th century. For a choice of visitors: 26 standard apartments and 7 luxury penthouses. To spend leisure-time is possible in any of two wine bars or at more respectable restaurant located nearby.

Catholic church
Unusual Spanish hotel

The design of a building propagandises opposition to traditional architectural forms. Thus the structure is ideally entered in surrounding landscape, using natural features of a relief.

In spite of the fact that under the form and a structure the hotel strikingly differs from the archaic houses located in the neighbourhood, this contrast does not break provincial harmony of an ancient Spanish village.

Hotel Rioja Alavesa
Wine bars
Best Spanish wine

The AquaDom [Berlin, Germany]

The Best Guide for a Travelers

The AquaDom was created for hotel Radisson SAS Hotel (Germany, Berlin). The huge 25-meter aquarium are functioning as the operating lift which carries tourists and lodgers of unique hotel.

The AquaDom contains about one million liters of water and for cleaning in hotel staff two skin-divers constantly work. Besides it, mass population of the small fishes living in this aquarium is constantly multiplied. The big aquarium is constructed of the special glass (thickness of walls more than 20 cm).

The Best Berlin Guide