The Legendary British Airport

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Heathrow airport is considered one of the most loaded and most comfortable airports in the World. Each terminal has currency exchange offices with accessible exchange rates, information racks and information bureaus for placing of visitors. There is also a section of storage of luggage. Heathrow airport has special licence «CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence» (№ла527), allowing to carry out flights and to train in flight business.

Heathrow, UK

In Heathrow there are 17 international hotels of different level of comfort and the price. To reach them from Heathrow it's possible by the bus «Heathrow Hotel Hoppa» from «National Express» company. Besides it there is a rent car service and a protected Heathrow parking. For safety responsibly aviation division of Capital Police though the national army, including special divisions, also is involved in the airport when it's necessary to strengthen protection degree.

Heathrow, airport
At Heathrow airport there are Anglican, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu and Jewish priests. Heathrow airport has own mass-media consisting of six photographers and one television command, working for the most popular newspapers and telecasts worldwide.

Aviation division

At Heathrow, taxi are usually built in turn on the special airport parking, because to "carry" passengers is a truly competitive & profitable business. The fare is supervised by the taxi counter and highlighted on the display. Additional payment, for example, in the evening or during week-end, is here too specified. Tip, usually at a rate of 10%, is paid at your discretion.