Places Traveling In Switzerland

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A travel planning for
TurSwiss always wanted to
know about tourist attractions
will be visited during the tour
Switzerland. Fortunately in the
whole Western Europe, who packed
by tourists during the holidays,
Switzerland is a country tour
the most popular.
Most popular in Geneva
Switzerland,Zurich, Lucerne, Zermatt,
Interlaken etc. Apart from these,
there are others also, though less
popular yet beautiful.
Switzerland Tourism is also active in
field trips and promote tourism in
the country. Here in below we provide you
valuable information for you,while your Switzerland vacation.
Major Tourist Attractions in Switzerland
Geneva, Lucerne, Zurich, Interlaken.
More Tourist Places in Switzerland

This northern city (population
170,000) in the River Rhine,
located at the cusp of
Switzerland, France and
Known as a center for
fabric-dye production in the
century mid, Basel now
a place for many
pharmaceutical companies
international level. It is also one
of the destinations most
frequently visited in Switzerland.
Travel while in the resort town
Switzerland Tour includes
Munster (9th-century sandstone
cathedral red), 11th-century cathedral
(Which holds the tombErasmus), University of
Switzerland (The oldest in the country),
Three-Corner of State and Market
Square (with the surrounding
era medieval house). Drei
Konige, or "Three Kings in
Rhine, "is the oldest hotel in
There are a number of
museums: the Kunstmuseum (one
The best museums in the
country fine arts), Antikenmuseum
(Greek and Roman artifacts
old), and small Jewish Museum
Museum Paper (includes
history of printing). Jean
Museum Tinguely offers
sampling of the strange tools
a fun carver Swiss mechanics. The Beyeler
Fondation contains the works
Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh and
Other famous artists.
If time allows, You can also enjoy
dinner on a cruise ship
Rhine river at night. If
Your date of Switzerland Tours
likely to coincide Carnival of the city, making
accommodation arrangements
in advance in Zurich or Bern from
where you can get
special morning train to Basel.

Ancient capital of Switzerland,
which also known as the 'Berne' by
French-speaking Swiss citizen.
The whole city was renovated
after destroyed by fire
in 1405. It has many
good example of early century
to-15 architecture - that the
United Nations declared as' Sites
World Heritage '. Old Town
identified by the walled
enlightened by a thick
house stone flower boxes
geranium on balcony
overlooking the River Aare.
11th-century streets of Bern
provide roofed wonderful opportunity for
tourists for sightseeing and
shopping. Mountains around
Bern gave background
beautiful - northwest
dominated by the Jura and
Alps and feet they provide background
beautiful back to the south. Beautiful downtown
with the architecture of the
century located in the middle
The river Aare between peak
tower of striking copper
Nydegg church (Nydeggkirche)
and 13th-century clock tower
(Zeitglockenturm). Vegetables
and flower market held
every day during the summer.
A celebrated onion market
also held here on the day
Fourth Monday in November.
Prison Make sure that you
visited the Rhone Glacier
located nearby when
You are Brig. Ypu can also
visiting tourist attractions
Saas Fee and Zermatt are close
Brig and Italy via
large tunnel through
The Alps.

One of the oldest cities in
Chur has been inhabited since
at least 3000 BC. Chur is the
ibukotakanton Graubünden
(Or Grisons in the language
France). A relic
Stone Age were found in
here has been shown in
beautiful archaeological
museum in the old town.
The main tourist spots in
the city is the River Rhine and
The spectacular mountains
and valleys in the area.
World-famous ski resort St.
Moritz, Arosa and Davos also
the near future. A treat
is specialized in Davos
Romantik Hotel Stern, with
an impressive collection
old coach and train.

Fribourg is the region of
Switzerland where the French language and
Germany and cultures to join
together. Fribourg is
a beautiful little town
built on a hill. Red-
tile building in the old section
leads the way from River Saane to Gothic
Cathedral St.Nicholas. Also have
Beautiful Town Hall and Museum
Art and History.

Cities in the Jungfrau region
offers horse season
winter sleigh ride and skiing
well.Be sure to visit
one of the nearby glaciers
(The higher, Obergletscher, is a
best). The ideal route is
by rail from Interlaken. The trip turned out
to spectacular - if you go
all the way up to the Jungfrau
Station, the highest railway in

Heidi Region
Villa in the mountains, ski
lodges and horse-drawn sleigh rides
illustrating the Swiss
can be seen directly in
Bernese Oberland, and Area
Heidi near Chur in eastern
Alphorn Blower, grassland
beautiful hills, waterfalls,
glaciers and detailed wood
carvings about houses and bridges
is something that will not

A small town that was
really shiny (yellow sand
gleaming buildings in
sunlight), Neuchâtel, located at the foot
Jura mountains in the lake
Switzerland's biggest around.
City This recognized academic
because of special schools
preparation and universities.
Museum of Art and History and
Swiss watch and clock hands
tempt was made in city
tourists to be
part of the old city.

This typical Swiss town near
Lucerne in central Switzerland.
Cantonese around Schwyz (pronounced
shfeetz) is one of
three founding members of the
Swiss Confederation and give
name to the whole country
(Switzerland called "Schweiz" in the language
Germany). Victorinox factory, in
Where the original Swiss Army
knife also made available for
for sale. Travel by train
fires up to the resort town of
Stoos that is worth watching.
St. Gallen
In St. Gallen (pop.73, 000),
visited the city of St. Gallen's
square, baroque cathedral and
Famous Abbey Library
world with a collection of
very well-century manuscript
the middle.
Thun is a well established
market town,
which discusses the Bernese
Bernese Mountain either.
Thun is one of the bases
Switzerland's largest training
military, and relics of early
the origins of the military town.
Thun Castl built in 1190 is
classical monuments. A road
of the century Rathausplatz
middle to the edge of the lake
provides views wonderful views.
Region Valais
This area is home to
multiple views of the Alps
most dramatic in the country,
including the town of Zermatt.
Matterhorn, Eiger and Mt. Blanc
all can be seen (on the day
clear) on the trip
via bus and car in
Pillon Pass along the cable.
Other sights in the canton
including painting
tells the story of William Tell
(It's painted on a house in
Ernen / Muhlebach) and Grand St
Bernard. Sion has enough
old cathedral and buildings
interest to justify
an overnight.

The city (population 85,000)
which quite renowned for artwork
her. Visit the Oskar-Reinhart
Foundation Museum, where
paintings by Swiss artists,
Germany and Austria on the
There is also a good penalty
art museums in town, too. The
Collegium Musicum (established
in 1629) a beautiful concert
Nearby is the Castle Kyburg
worth watching.

5 Best Beaches in America To Swim

The beach is one destination that should get your holiday list. This is where the atmosphere was quite a vacation for the natural beauty of the beach and the air is healthy for our bodies. And the American population includes five beaches below as a vacation spot worthy of your visit is as follows:

1. Siesta Beach
Siesta Beach in Sarasota, Florida is now the number one spot in the United States. Siesta beach has fine sand, white and has the warm waters. With a larger area, families can make a vacation more comfortable, even when packed with tourists.

2.Coronado Beach
The beauty and richness of trees make Coronado Beach, San Diego entered the top 10 beaches are rich in species trees. Complete subtropical plants, Mediterranean climate and the sparkling fine sand into a family vacation attraction in America.

3. Kahanamoku Beach
With the abundance of shallow reefs, Kahanamoku Beach in Oahu Hawaii is protected from large waves, although the tide was going on. Relatively safer conditions become ideal for family vacations and kids. And Kahanamoku became a major destination family vacation when summer comes.

4.Main Beach
Main Beach in East Hampton, New York, in the summer attract wealthy tourists, because it is a beach with beach conservation are protected and looked untouched. Extensive sand dunes into charm tourists to sunbathe.

5. Cape Hatteras
Coast of Cape Hatteras on the Outer Banks area of ​​northern California offers the best surf. Especially on the east coast. This beach also offers other interesting areas such as lighthouses, coastal beaches, fishing villages and fishing area.


Tourisme In Singapore

Singapore is one of the interesting sights in the region of Southeast Asia. Many places to dance for tourists and a lot of good eating. In addition, many shopping centers attractive places to visit, especially when Singapore Sale Exciting Holidays in Singapore If you have money, you want to go to the State where? Hmmm, most would have chosen some places in the area of ​​ Continental Europe is famous for. Italy, UK, France. Occasionally, it could still survive with a choice of continental Asia. Many also, loh, countries in the continent of Asia which has its own beauty, in addition to Indonesia of course. One of them is Singapore. Small country that has become a cosmopolitan region is quite captured the hearts of fans the streets. When it comes to places to shop, do not ask, deh, Singapore provides loads of places to spend time with shopping. But, the way to Singapore just to shop?
Do not, dong. Interested in Country of diverse cultures and races together into a uniqueness of this, should not only focus on shopping. The lyrics are also a fun tourist attractions. Make no mistake, turned out to Singapore to save so many must-see sights. The sights are even already be subscribed the tourists who travel to the Lion Country. Not to know interesting places in Singapore? Hmmm, try,read first. Merlion statue and the Esplanade. Do not admit ever go to Singapore if you have not been to a place on this one. The symbol of the greatness of Singapore has been highly required to become a major destination if a vacation to Singapore. Loads of tourists who take pictures in this place as evidence that they ever set foot in Singapore. While the Esplanade, is a building that is often referred to as building a fly's eye, located just across the Merlion Statue. It should also be pictures in this place. Orchard Road To Singapore but not around the Orchard Road? Really stale. Although not shopping, but this place is one that also must be visited. But, for the shopaholic, certainly does, Orchard Road became the main areas that should be visited for shopping. A wide studded-known brands in this place. Sentosa Island The island is like Ancol, when in Jakarta. Situated slightly apart from the island of Singapore itself and close to Batam. Many exciting games offered at this place, so do not forget to stop by to Sentosa Island so you arrive in Singapore. Singapore Zoo Judging from its name it is clear that this site contains a variety of wildlife. However, Singapore Zoo brings more endangered species that we may never encountered before. Enjoy Night Safari tour. It's a bit similar to the Safari Park, but the Singapore Zoo has a lot of games are very exciting rides. Until all ages too, will feel challenged to participate in this vehicle. Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. For lovers of loud music to light jazz, pub and club atmosphere, it seems appropriate to come to Clarke Quay. The place is very crowded and full of noisy bngar music and people milling around. While the Boat Quay is a place for anyone who wants a romantic dinner in the open edge of the Singapore River.

The island of Komodo

The island of Komodo
Island is an island located
in the Nusa Tenggara
islands with native animal
habitat of Komodo and
currently categorized in
the polls while the magic
World. Until August 2009
the Island of Komodo itself,
there are still around! 300
left Komodo dragons are
still alive even though
threatened with extinction,
coupled with the island of
Rinca and Gili Motang, the
total number reached
about 2500 individuals.
Places must visit at
Komodo Island:

1). Surainadi. In Suranadi there
is a complete hotel with
facilities Warm Water
Swimming Pool, and there
are also field tenis.Selain
there is also the oldest
Hindu temple located about
17 km from Mataram by
using the vehicle.

2). Lingsar. In Lingsar there
Kolama list a lot of sacred
fish and located
approximately 9 km from
Mataram by using the

3). Narmada. A
t Na rmada there Lombok
Raya Gardens with
swimming pool and there is
also a Hindu temple located
12 km from Mataram by
using the vehicle.

4). Batu Bolong. In Batu Bolong
temple there upon a rock
that juts into the sea and
we can also see the peak
of Mount Agung in Bal

5).Sire Beach. In Sire Beach
there is a very exotic
marine park with coral and
fish ar e very banyak.Sire
Beach is about 36 km fro
the city Mataran by using
the vehicle. Komodo Island
is one of rich culture and
tourism in Indonesia
Komodo Island and the
next entry as a wonder of
the world।

Tourist Attractions In Filipine

Hopefully this information helps
you a little who want to visit
Filipinos are the state
an exotic destination in
Southeast Asia and offers
several attractions
interesting in world.

Country Filipinos have a wide area
Overall 300 000 kilomter
square, and consists of 7107
islands (7108 at the time of the
low tide) is stunning. State
is famous for its island-
beautiful islands, beaches and
amazing, as well as wildlife
and dive sites
exotic. Luzon, Visayas and
Midanao a group
The main island in this country.
Is the main island of Luzon
located in the northernmost
Filipinos states, as well
become the largest island in
The island is dotted by
view of the mountains,
lakes, caves, and island-
islands and white sandy beaches
the beautiful. Manila, the capital
Filipinos countries located in
east coast of Luzon island.
founded in 1571, in
the ruins of the settlement
muslim. In this city, there are
banyat sights
very interesting, such as
Intramuros, Rizal Park, the
Malacanang, Fort Santiago,
and Ermita, Japanese Garden,
Museo Pambata, Bahay Tsinoy,
Archdiocesan Museum of Manila,
Palcio del Gobernator, and
several attractions
Other interesting.
Intramuros (Walled City)
is a walled city
famous in the wake of the
Spanish colonial period. In
these attractions, you will
treated with the fort,
churches, monasteries, homes,
and government buildings
Another style that is still stylish
Spain. The oldest areas of
the city is protected by
some of the big wall
still strong, although
fighting in World War
II never happened here. Here
There is also the Church of San
and the Manila Cathedral
located at 2072 sq km
(800 square miles) from the
and the ruins of Fort Santiago.
Binondo district, outside the
Intramuros and Chinatown,
There are many shops and
the restaurant.
Rizal Park or the so-called
also Luneta, a park
dedicated to Dr.
Jose Rizal, national hero
Filipinos country. There,
tourists can enjoy
impressivelight performances
which describes the sound
execution hero Filipinos
by Spain. The park is also
often used as a place
concerts and various events
social, political meetings and
religious, and places
children's play.
Malacanang palace is one
infrastructure of most
historic Filipinos. Place
This is the official residence
chief executive at the highest
country since yahun
1863. Located next to the River
Pasig, where it becomes
lodging for the summer
governor of Spain during the
in the 1800s. Some parts of
This palace used as
museum and opened to
the public.
Other Filipinos who travel
famous beaches.
White Beach in Boracay Island
is one of the most beautiful
tropical beaches in
the world. Alona Beach is
Popular famous Panglao
with its beautiful beaches.
Cebu, Panglao, Balicasang and
Pamilacan in Bohol is also
as a place to dive
a popular and fascinating
the Filipinos.