In Monaco Arrives more and more Tourists

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Monaco — the popular country for short trips: the annual traffic is exceeded 4,5 million persons/Year. 72% of the foreigners coming to Monaco — individual tourists.
Luxury Heart of Europe
Basically, the princedom of Monaco is visited by citizens of Italy, the Great Britain and France. Number of the American tourists does not exceed 5%. Within the limits of cruises, last year in Monaco has visited 280 thousand tourists, and in 2010 their number can increase to 450 thousand. 28% of visitors come to Monaco for participation in business and corporate actions. However, even large corporations prefer to use cheap flights because in Europe traditionally budgetary airlines give considerable discounts for corporate clients.

95% of hotel business in Monaco consist of 4- and 5-stars hotels. In many of them services of the cosmetician and thalassotherapy are rendered. The Head cook of restaurants of local hotels are known for the whole world. Besides it, to have a dinner at such restaurants, is need to reserve little places is recommended long before a trip. Besides, in a cellar is insisted own cognac, thus, only at restaurants of this hotel a cognac is truly unique.


The night life also involves tourists in Monaco. 75% of tourists prefer to reserve airline tickets through the Internet or terminal cash desks. To numerous high quality night clubs of a princedom of Monaco, Black Legend recently was added. Representatives of tourist business remind, for visiting the luxury night clubs in Monte Carlo — is required the identification card, and necessity in test of your dress-code — in funny T-shorts and beach shorts for you there are no chances ;)