The Bucharest apartments in the heart of Romania

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Capital of Romania once carried the second name — «East Paris». This city with 500-year-old history was the richest and the most beautiful in all Eastern Europe. Bucharest is in the southeast of Romania, between Carpathians and Black Sea.

Modern Bucharest

Bucharest — a city young and consequently, since second half of nineteenth century, a considerable part of old Byzantian designs are superseded by new modern buildings — what personify a city and to this day. Many Bucharest apartments are placed in the main street of a city — the Victory prospectus (Calea Victoriei), and also in the numerous streets departing from them.

The history of Romania is extremely rich, Bucharest has gone through many revolutions and captures, burnings and restoration. Many tourists come to Romania especially for visit of legendary Transylvania (see in the Bucharest travel guide).