Tourist Attractions In Filipine

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hopefully this information helps
you a little who want to visit
Filipinos are the state
an exotic destination in
Southeast Asia and offers
several attractions
interesting in world.

Country Filipinos have a wide area
Overall 300 000 kilomter
square, and consists of 7107
islands (7108 at the time of the
low tide) is stunning. State
is famous for its island-
beautiful islands, beaches and
amazing, as well as wildlife
and dive sites
exotic. Luzon, Visayas and
Midanao a group
The main island in this country.
Is the main island of Luzon
located in the northernmost
Filipinos states, as well
become the largest island in
The island is dotted by
view of the mountains,
lakes, caves, and island-
islands and white sandy beaches
the beautiful. Manila, the capital
Filipinos countries located in
east coast of Luzon island.
founded in 1571, in
the ruins of the settlement
muslim. In this city, there are
banyat sights
very interesting, such as
Intramuros, Rizal Park, the
Malacanang, Fort Santiago,
and Ermita, Japanese Garden,
Museo Pambata, Bahay Tsinoy,
Archdiocesan Museum of Manila,
Palcio del Gobernator, and
several attractions
Other interesting.
Intramuros (Walled City)
is a walled city
famous in the wake of the
Spanish colonial period. In
these attractions, you will
treated with the fort,
churches, monasteries, homes,
and government buildings
Another style that is still stylish
Spain. The oldest areas of
the city is protected by
some of the big wall
still strong, although
fighting in World War
II never happened here. Here
There is also the Church of San
and the Manila Cathedral
located at 2072 sq km
(800 square miles) from the
and the ruins of Fort Santiago.
Binondo district, outside the
Intramuros and Chinatown,
There are many shops and
the restaurant.
Rizal Park or the so-called
also Luneta, a park
dedicated to Dr.
Jose Rizal, national hero
Filipinos country. There,
tourists can enjoy
impressivelight performances
which describes the sound
execution hero Filipinos
by Spain. The park is also
often used as a place
concerts and various events
social, political meetings and
religious, and places
children's play.
Malacanang palace is one
infrastructure of most
historic Filipinos. Place
This is the official residence
chief executive at the highest
country since yahun
1863. Located next to the River
Pasig, where it becomes
lodging for the summer
governor of Spain during the
in the 1800s. Some parts of
This palace used as
museum and opened to
the public.
Other Filipinos who travel
famous beaches.
White Beach in Boracay Island
is one of the most beautiful
tropical beaches in
the world. Alona Beach is
Popular famous Panglao
with its beautiful beaches.
Cebu, Panglao, Balicasang and
Pamilacan in Bohol is also
as a place to dive
a popular and fascinating
the Filipinos.