Tourisme In Singapore

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Singapore is one of the interesting sights in the region of Southeast Asia. Many places to dance for tourists and a lot of good eating. In addition, many shopping centers attractive places to visit, especially when Singapore Sale Exciting Holidays in Singapore If you have money, you want to go to the State where? Hmmm, most would have chosen some places in the area of ​​ Continental Europe is famous for. Italy, UK, France. Occasionally, it could still survive with a choice of continental Asia. Many also, loh, countries in the continent of Asia which has its own beauty, in addition to Indonesia of course. One of them is Singapore. Small country that has become a cosmopolitan region is quite captured the hearts of fans the streets. When it comes to places to shop, do not ask, deh, Singapore provides loads of places to spend time with shopping. But, the way to Singapore just to shop?
Do not, dong. Interested in Country of diverse cultures and races together into a uniqueness of this, should not only focus on shopping. The lyrics are also a fun tourist attractions. Make no mistake, turned out to Singapore to save so many must-see sights. The sights are even already be subscribed the tourists who travel to the Lion Country. Not to know interesting places in Singapore? Hmmm, try,read first. Merlion statue and the Esplanade. Do not admit ever go to Singapore if you have not been to a place on this one. The symbol of the greatness of Singapore has been highly required to become a major destination if a vacation to Singapore. Loads of tourists who take pictures in this place as evidence that they ever set foot in Singapore. While the Esplanade, is a building that is often referred to as building a fly's eye, located just across the Merlion Statue. It should also be pictures in this place. Orchard Road To Singapore but not around the Orchard Road? Really stale. Although not shopping, but this place is one that also must be visited. But, for the shopaholic, certainly does, Orchard Road became the main areas that should be visited for shopping. A wide studded-known brands in this place. Sentosa Island The island is like Ancol, when in Jakarta. Situated slightly apart from the island of Singapore itself and close to Batam. Many exciting games offered at this place, so do not forget to stop by to Sentosa Island so you arrive in Singapore. Singapore Zoo Judging from its name it is clear that this site contains a variety of wildlife. However, Singapore Zoo brings more endangered species that we may never encountered before. Enjoy Night Safari tour. It's a bit similar to the Safari Park, but the Singapore Zoo has a lot of games are very exciting rides. Until all ages too, will feel challenged to participate in this vehicle. Boat Quay and Clarke Quay. For lovers of loud music to light jazz, pub and club atmosphere, it seems appropriate to come to Clarke Quay. The place is very crowded and full of noisy bngar music and people milling around. While the Boat Quay is a place for anyone who wants a romantic dinner in the open edge of the Singapore River.