The island of Komodo

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The island of Komodo
Island is an island located
in the Nusa Tenggara
islands with native animal
habitat of Komodo and
currently categorized in
the polls while the magic
World. Until August 2009
the Island of Komodo itself,
there are still around! 300
left Komodo dragons are
still alive even though
threatened with extinction,
coupled with the island of
Rinca and Gili Motang, the
total number reached
about 2500 individuals.
Places must visit at
Komodo Island:

1). Surainadi. In Suranadi there
is a complete hotel with
facilities Warm Water
Swimming Pool, and there
are also field tenis.Selain
there is also the oldest
Hindu temple located about
17 km from Mataram by
using the vehicle.

2). Lingsar. In Lingsar there
Kolama list a lot of sacred
fish and located
approximately 9 km from
Mataram by using the

3). Narmada. A
t Na rmada there Lombok
Raya Gardens with
swimming pool and there is
also a Hindu temple located
12 km from Mataram by
using the vehicle.

4). Batu Bolong. In Batu Bolong
temple there upon a rock
that juts into the sea and
we can also see the peak
of Mount Agung in Bal

5).Sire Beach. In Sire Beach
there is a very exotic
marine park with coral and
fish ar e very banyak.Sire
Beach is about 36 km fro
the city Mataran by using
the vehicle. Komodo Island
is one of rich culture and
tourism in Indonesia
Komodo Island and the
next entry as a wonder of
the world।